Double Bangs Hairstyle Hairpin


Ready for a great new look? Our Double Bangs Hairstyle Hairpin can help to turn your messy hair into stylish hairstyles. The part of the headband that contacts the hair is designed with convex teeth, which is more firm than teeth on traditional hairpins. They hold the hair tightly without pulling or damaging your hair.

There are also 8 clips on the headband, you can choose any number, and the clips are free to shape. Made of ABS resin material, it is lightweight but very sturdy, good flexibility, it is easy to open and will not harm your hair. Whether your hair is long or short, you can wear it.

A perfect gift for the girl women to enjoy a fashion hairstyle. Easy and quick to braiding cute plait!

How To Use:

1. Put the headband on your head first and take out a group of hair
2. Then twist the hair slightly to facilitate the following operations
3. Put the hair into the small clip, or you can choose how many clips to use to see the beautiful hairstyle according to your needs.

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